*Calendar Updated on 15/06/21


Firstly, on a personal note, I must say how sorry I am for you both, these last 16 months have been an absolute nightmare for everyone and wedding planning can be stressful enough without all this uncertainty and mixed messages on restrictions.

As I’m sure you’ll be concerned as to whether your 2021 wedding date can still go ahead I decided to make this page regarding my policy towards any future weddings in 2021/22 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

I want to assure you that I have every intention and am confident in fulfilling my role at your wedding, whenever that is. My business and I are prepared.

Whatever your situation, the best advice is not to panic. Thoroughly research all eventualities and keep up to date with the latest government information here gov.uk.

As a worst-case scenario, your wedding may have to be postponed, but the health and safety of you and your guests should be of primary importance. Please maintain an open line of communication with me during this process if it helps with your planning and decision making.

So what happens if I have to reschedule my wedding?

Any monies paid will be automatically be transferred to the new booking. You will not need to pay a new deposit to secure the new date, however, the new date will only be 100% confirmed at my end once this has been confirmed by the venue(s). You will not need to agree to new terms and conditions and everything will update automatically in your client portal area.

Can you hold a date for me in 2022?

As you can imagine, holding future dates is tough with clients regularly booking me 18-24 months in advance. Turning away a potential client for a date I’m holding, but that might never be needed is obviously hard.

However, as existing clients, I feel I an obligation to try to honour your requirements first and to try and solve this issue I’ve decided to temporarily hold any future date for existing clients, providing I’m available. If a new client then wishes to book one of the dates I’m holding I will ask the existing client to make a decision on whether they need the new date. So far this hasn’t happened but I just want to make my position clear.

If you do decide on a new date the most important thing is to check my availability before confirming.

You’ll see my availability calendar below to show which dates are already Booked (Red) or being Reserved (Yellow). This will always be changing as dates are rescheduled or cancelled and I will update it immediately when a new date is confirmed. If in doubt, feel free to contact me directly.

This calendar will go all the way to December 2023. Just use right/left arrows or drop down to progress quicker.

Wedding Availability


What happens to my deposit if you are unavailable on my rescheduled date?

Unfortunately as indicated in Section 1 of our wedding contract, ‘the retainer payment is non-refundable even if the date is changed or if the wedding becomes cancelled for any reason’

Wedding insurance can help in these situations and I am happy to confirm in writing that I am unable to return your deposit if required by your insurance company. I am, however, offering alternative photography services, eg:- engagement shoot or wedding albums if I’m not available on your new date.

What happens if I get infected and can not attend your wedding?

Firstly I can tell you that I’ve been double jabbed! I’m also staying updated on the latest information from Public Health England, the WHO and UK Government; acting responsibly by avoiding travel to outbreak hotspots; practising social distancing by holding all meetings via video calls instead of in-person. However, it is obviously still possible that any of us can become infected and have to self isolate for a period of time.

Firstly, I have a team of four regular 2nd Photographers who I use throughout the year. They all shoot weddings independently and have a very similar style to my own. I would be 100% confident in using them as a replacement if needed. I will obviously still then edit and process the photographs afterwards in my signature style.

In the very unlikely event that I’m unable to attend due to having contracted COVID-19 or related issues, and I am unable to find a suitable replacement to photograph your wedding, then a full refund will be given as per our Contract (Section 8b)

I am confident that anyone who does decide rescheduling is the best way forward will not lose out and I’ll do everything possible to ensure I’m there shooting your big day. To help this happen please do check my availability calendar before booking your rescheduled date.

Please feel free to contact me by phone, message or email if you have any further questions.