Here are my Groom Preparation Tips in the often underlooked and undermentioned world of a few lads getting ready for a wedding. Ever wondered what a typical Groom Preparation looks like? Here’s a very common one below…

groom preparation tips groomsmen


Give 2 or more boys a free morning and you can almost guarantee a high percentage will magically navigate towards a pub or a TV screen. The act of getting into a suit is usually a 2-minute affair and most men are very uneasy with someone photographing the process. What I’ve found to be most rewarding over the years is to document the boys, doing whatever they choose to do. If they want to go G0-Karting, go with them, a quick round of 9 holes, go with them, the first half of Arsenal v Wolves, go with them. This is their Groom Preparation, however maverick!

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Cracking Bow Tie you have there, all fresh and nice and new and………..untied. Tied one of those before have you? One of my Groom Preparation Tips incoming: Almost every wedding I’ve ever covered with Bow Ties has needed the assistance of YouTube. Even normal neckties can cause an issue if the extravagant Windsor Knot is attempted. Have a couple goes before the wedding day.

groom preparation tips tie groom preparation tipsgroom preparation tips adjusting tie


‘One for the road’, ‘One for your nerves Neil’.

For the record, I am definitely in favour of something to take the edge off. You’ll need it! Standing on your own, at the front of the church or ceremony area with 100 pairs of eyes on you until the bride appears is not easy. Same advice I give the girls is to enjoy this time with your friends, just don’t go mental. Pint and a little one should do it.

Groom Preparation Tips Groom Preparation Tipsgroom preparation tips drinking


A great way to keep in touch with each other in the morning without actually speaking. Big, small, expensive or sentimental, it doesn’t matter. Some of my favourite photos and most emotional moments are from gift exchanges during Bride and Groom preparation. You could also give your Groomsmen a little something to say thanks.

groom preparation tips gift groom preparation tips notegroom preparation tips gifts


You’ve had the morning to yourself and a laugh with some of your best mates but the time has come. As you make your way to the ceremony a lot will go through your mind. Until your beautiful bride arrives all eye are on you every and time you turn round to face everyone or look up you’ll get an ‘oh doesn’t he look nervous’ or ‘you’ve still got time Steve’. This is when you selection of Best Man/Men will help. The time you need your Groomsmen most.

groom preparation tipsgroom preparation tips

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