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Whether it’s photographing weddings, live music, sport or my children, I crave the perfect moment.

Born and raised in the beautiful setting of Truro in Cornwall, I pursued an Action Photography degree which I completed in 2009. Shortly after, I was offered an exciting position with Google Maps. With my wife and our two children (now three!) in tow, we made the bold decision to leave behind the relaxed lifestyle of our hometown and start anew on the opposite side of the country in Essex.

While the change was significant, it allowed me to further pursue my passion for photography, particularly in the realm of becoming a wedding photographer. I’m grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, and I continue to be inspired by the beauty and emotion of the weddings I capture. We’re now in the process of moving to The New Forest in Hampshire so another adventure awaits!

As a photographer, I divide my time equally between capturing between 40-50 weddings a year and serving as a Google Maps Street View Photographer. Out of just 100 photographers nationwide, I am proud to have been hand-picked to provide Google Maps with updated Street View imagery.

My passion for both life and photography drives my ability to tell the unique story of your wedding adventure. With a creative, journalistic approach, I seek to capture the moments that make your wedding special, from the smallest details to the most candid and natural moments that you’ll want to treasure and share with future generations.

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