OXO2 Wedding

The OXO2 Wedding in London of Neha and Jacob in August 2017.

Neha and Jacob really were a pleasure to work with. I knew Jacob, a sports journalist, having met him at the PFA Awards a year or so prior to the wedding day and also met with Neha in the build-up to the wedding and the plans were in place of what sounded like a truly exceptional wedding.

We started the day in the vibrant and trendy Notting Hill area for both the Bridal and Groom preparation where Jacob and his close-knit family and friends gathered. Neha, although ion the same house, didn’t see Jacob throughout the preparations due to the strategic and diligent work of Jacob’s mum. As you’ll see from the photographs below the preparation can be one of the most interesting and challenging times to shoot. A lot is happening and everyone is rushing to be ready but Jacob and Neha were great in allowing me to get what I needed.

We made our way over to the stunning OXO2 Wedding venue for the ceremony where I was joined by the excellent Rideout Films. One of my favourite moments any wedding, a multicultural Indian/ Jewish wedding, in this case, is the arrival of the Bride. The traditions can change from culture to culture but it’s a stunning site regardless.

OXO2 Wedding

Indian weddings also provide a brilliant moment in the form of the Drummers welcome. Sometimes the Groom Processions and also the couple together before the reception. This was the case here as Neha and Jacob were welcomed into the OXO2 Wedding venue by Drummers Delight. The booming and energetic sound of the drums is always a fantastic moment and certainly gains the attention of the wedding party.

A brilliant reception followed and the wedding party carried on late into the night.

I wish Neha and Jacob all the best in the future and all the luck in the world.

Here’s the story of their day…

Venue: OXO2, London
Videography: Rideout Films
Drummers: Drummers Delight

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