Paschoe House Wedding

The brilliant Paschoe House Wedding of Rachel and Henry set in the stunning Devon countryside in May 2018.

To be the first photographer to shoot a wedding at a new venue definitely feels like an honour. However, I’m equally grateful for the huge amount of faith this requires from the couple tasking me to do this. Most importantly it’s an entirely first-time experience there’s no looking at other work for inspiration, no personal experience or knowledge you can draw on from weddings you’ve shot in the past. This really is new ground!

I first met with Rachel and Henry in central London in June 2017 and I instantly knew this was a wedding I had to do. The initial meeting is always a great indicator of a couple and whether your ideas and visions align. The meetings are so important because you learn so much about them, which is particularly necessary because a couple’s wedding day is an extension of their collective ideas and personalities and you want to help realise that.

We started the day with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, a first for me to document. In a traditional Chinese wedding, the tea ceremony is one of the most significant events. It includes very formal introductions of the bride and groom and develops inter-family respect. It was a fascinating thing for me to observe and photograph.

Paschoe House Wedding Photography

paschoe house wedding photography

The wedding ceremony at Church of the Holy Cross, Crediton was later in the day, allowing me more time to shoot the couple before the actual wedding, something which doesn’t happen so often. We walked down the almost never-ending Paschoe House wedding venue driveway and captured a really beautiful set of pre-wedding images that really do show the close bond between Rachel and Henry.

After a short lunch, the day resumed and I spent some time documenting the final bridal prep stages of make-up, hair and all-importantly, the dress (and my goodness, wow, the dress – you’ll see). A short drive over to Crediton and we were at the majestic Church of the Holy Cross for the wedding ceremony.

Crediton Church has a history which is as long as that of any church in Devon, including Exeter Cathedral. It can be traced continuously in written records back to the early tenth century, and if an eleventh-century copy of a charter of 739AD is accepted as authentic, to almost two centuries earlier.

Rachel and Henry’s Paschoe House wedding was a truly excellent and fun-filled day topped off by a grand reception that was hosted in the magnificent Glass Room and brightened by fireworks later in the evening.

I wish Rachel and Henry all the best in the future. Listening to their stories, theirs is a true love story from the start and it’s clear that their future will be a happy one.

Here’s the story of their day…

Paschoe House Wedding Venue:-
Florist: Amanda Windsor
Hair and Make-up: Ausra and Agata from Kristina Gasperas
Dress: Caroline Castigliano
Cake: Melissa Kuo
Fireworks: Brightburst Fireworks
DJ: Speaker-Box

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