Groom preparation tips

In the frequently overlooked and seldom discussed realm of a few lads getting ready for a wedding, here are my Groom Preparation Tips. Have you ever been curious about what a typical Groom Preparation entails? Below is a very common scenario…

groom preparation tips groomsmen

Boys will be boys

Give boys a free morning on the day of a wedding, and it’s a safe bet that quite a few will end up in a pub or in front of a TV. Getting suited up is usually a quick, two-minute job, and many men aren’t keen on having the process photographed. Over the years, I’ve found that the best approach is to document the guys doing whatever they choose. If they want to go Go-Karting, I’m there; a quick nine holes of golf, count me in; even if it’s just to watch the first half of Arsenal vs Wolves, I’ll be there. It’s their Groom Preparation, however unconventional it might be!

Ties can be tricky

That’s a smashing bow tie you’ve got there – all crisp, shiny, and new, but… it’s untied. Have you ever tied one before? Time for a bit of groom preparation advice: In almost every wedding I’ve attended where bow ties are the order of the day, there’s been a quick huddle around YouTube for guidance. It’s not just bow ties, either; even regular neckties can turn into a bit of a challenge, particularly if someone’s set on mastering the sophisticated Windsor Knot. My tip? Give yourself some practice before the wedding day. Try tying it a few times in advance. It’ll save you a bit of last-minute fumbling and ensure you’re looking dapper and ready for those photos.

How about a quick drink

‘One for the road’, ‘One for your nerves Neil’.

Just to set the record straight, I’m certainly in favour of a bit of something to ease the nerves. You’ll be needing it! Standing alone at the front of the church or ceremony area, with a hundred pairs of eyes fixed on you until the bride shows up, isn’t a walk in the park. The same advice I offer the ladies is to enjoy this time with your mates, but don’t lose the plot.

Gift and notes

A brilliant way to stay in touch on the morning of the big day without actually speaking is through exchanging gifts. Whether they’re grand or modest, expensive or sentimental, the value lies in the thought behind them. The words in a card can be just as important, often leading to the most cherished photos and deeply touching moments while the bride and groom are getting ready. It’s also a thoughtful gesture to give your groomsmen a little something, perhaps with a heartfelt note, as a way of saying thank you.

Stepping into the Spotlight

You’ve enjoyed a morning of relaxation and fun with your closest friends, but now it’s time to get serious. As you head towards the ceremony, a whirlwind of thoughts will likely occupy your mind. Until your stunning bride makes her entrance, all eyes will be on you. Every time you turn around to face the crowd or glance upwards, you’ll hear comments like ‘Oh, doesn’t he look nervous’ or ‘You’ve still got time, Steve’. This is when your choice of Best Man or Men really comes into play. They are the ones you’ll rely on the most at this pivotal moment, ready to offer support, crack a joke to ease the tension, or just be there as a reassuring presence. Remember, they’re not just there for the stag do; they’re a crucial part of your big day.

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