Ellie & Ali / Wotton House Wedding

A Stunning Wotton House Wedding: Ellie & Ali’s Unforgettable Day

Ellie and Ali’s Wotton House wedding in Surrey was a truly unforgettable celebration of love and unity. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Wotton House’s Italian Gardens, this magical day was filled with laughter, joy, and an incredible fusion of cultures. As a wedding photographer, I had the immense pleasure of capturing the essence of their love story and the unique details that made their day one-of-a-kind.

Wotton House Wedding Photography

Wotton House Wedding: The Italian Gardens

Nestled in the heart of the Surrey countryside, Wotton House Wedding Venue is a magnificent 17th-century country estate that has been transformed into a luxurious wedding venue. Steeped in history, the property boasts stunning Italian Gardens, a Roman-style temple, and an enchanting grotto, creating a picture-perfect setting for Ellie and Ali’s wedding ceremony.

wotton house wedding

As the sun shone brightly overhead, the couple exchanged their vows in the idyllic setting of the Italian Gardens. Surrounded by intricately manicured hedges and vibrant flowers, Ellie looked radiant in her elegant lace gown, while Ali looked dashing in his classic navy suit. Their love for each other was evident in every stolen glance and tender touch, making it a privilege to capture their special moments as they unfolded.

The Reception: Fiesta Fields

Following the ceremony, the celebrations moved to Phoenice fields, where Ellie and Ali had a magnificent marquee erected amidst hay bales and cornfields. The picturesque location was perfectly complemented by the warm sunshine, which bathed the entire scene in a golden glow.

Ellie & Ali / Wotton House Wedding 1

The Food: A Fusion of Cultures

Ellie and Ali’s wedding was a delightful blend of their heritage, and this was beautifully reflected in the food served at their reception. Guests were treated to a mouth-watering South African BBQ, featuring succulent meats and tantalizing sides, as well as an array of traditional Nigerian dishes that were as rich in flavor as they were in color.

Ellie & Ali / Wotton House Wedding 2

Adding to the festive atmosphere, Ellie and Ali’s reception featured a brilliant mobile bar provided by Copper Top. The bar’s stylish design and expert mixologists ensured that guests were never without a refreshing beverage in hand as they laughed, danced, and celebrated the newlyweds’ love.

Ellie & Ali / Wotton House Wedding 3

The Evening: A Nigerian Celebration

As the evening progressed, the wedding took on an even more vibrant tone when Ali and his groomsmen changed into their native Nigerian wedding outfits. The brightly colored, patterned garments added an extra layer of fun and excitement to the festivities, as guests joined in with traditional Nigerian dances, filling the air with laughter and the sounds of celebration.

Ellie & Ali / Wotton House Wedding 4

Ellie and Ali’s Wotton House wedding was a truly magical day, one that perfectly captured the essence of their love and the unique fusion of their cultures. From the stunning ceremony in the Italian Gardens to the joyous reception at the local farm, every moment was filled with love, laughter, and the kind of memories that last a lifetime. As a wedding photographer, I am honored to have been a part of their incredible day and to have been given the opportunity to document their love story for them to treasure forever.

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Venue: Wotton House
Reception: Fiesta Fields
Video: Adam Lyduch
Florist – Mad Lillies
Sax: Alec Pitman
Bar: Copper Top

Here’s the story of their day…

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