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Braxted Park Wedding

The Summer Braxted Park Wedding of Rachelle and Adrian at the beautiful Braxted Park Wedding Venue in Essex.

I always look forward to shooting a Braxted Park Wedding and am lucky enough to have lots more booked at this stunning venue over the next couple years. A beautiful lace dress, a vintage bus, a groom in tartan and music galore. Seriously what more do you need! Rachelle & Adrian were so focused on their needs for their wedding day. Braxted Park in Essex, had to accommodate everything in one place and their love for music absolutely needed to take centre stage. What unfolded last May was a beautiful yet truly personal wedding day with lots of gorgeous bespoke details.


Adrian and I are very fortunate to have been invited to many amazing weddings during the 11 years we have been together and so when it came to planning our own, we had a strong idea of how we wanted the day to be. For us, a beautiful venue where everything happens in one place and could accommodate our guest numbers was most important to us.

We were therefore focused on venues with marquees or pavilions and when we saw Braxted Park (only the second venue we had seen), we knew immediately it was the one. The walled gardens are absolutely stunning, the pavilion was a perfect size, there was on-site accommodation for our family and to top it off, All Saints Church is a stone’s throw away so our guests only needed to travel to one location on the day itself. It had everything we were looking for.

We didn’t have a ‘theme’ as such, but our focus of the wedding was on music. Both Adrian and I love music, have played a number of instruments since a young age and have attended multiple gigs and festivals with each other throughout our relationship. Each piece of music played throughout the day – from getting ready in the morning (where my bridesmaids had created a playlist of songs that reminded them of me), to the church music, the bagpiper, the music during dinner, our first dance and band/DJ setlist were all carefully considered and meant something to Adrian and I. Our table plan, which we designed ourselves, was our favourite album from each of the years Adrian and I had been together. Our invites and name places also reflected the music theme.

Braxted Park Wedding

Aside from music, we wanted to incorporate a few subtle Scottish touches into the day, as Adrian and his family are from Scotland, so Adrian wore a tartan waistcoat, we had thistles in the flowers, a bagpiper, a Scottish reading in church and Scottish tablet handmade by Adrian’s mum as favours.

The pavilion at Braxted Park is beautiful, so doesn’t need much decoration but we worked with The Wedding Lounge to add some ceiling chandeliers and Grecian chair backs, which each had a sprig of lavender to match our flowers. They also provided our photo-frame photo booth.

Following the musical influences, we were very lucky to have a light box made personally for us by a family friend, which we designed based on gig venue signage introducing the ‘event of the day’. We also used one of Adrian’s guitar cases for our cards and our confetti holders were made from sheet music.

Lilac-grey and lavender were the main colours of the day as lavender reminds me of my grandparents, it smells great and I had my heart set on the bridesmaid dresses being a lilac-grey colour. Our florist created our beautiful table candelabra centerpieces, as well as the flowers in the church and on the top table. Lavender sprigs were also used in the Grecian chair backs for the reception.

Although I had quite a clear idea of what I did and didn’t want in a wedding dress, it still took me trying about 50 dresses on until I settled on ‘the one’. I finally found the perfect dress  at Bodice & Bustle in Bishops Stortford where I was keen to try on a number of Essence of Australia dresses I had seen online. I had visited the shop once before and was returning to retry a dress I had particularly liked the first time I visited when Anna, who runs the store, mentioned she had just had a new collection arrive and there was one dress she really wanted me to try on as she thought it would be perfect. I must admit I was hesitant, as I had already tried on so many, but she convinced me to give the new dress a go and I am so glad she did!


Decor & Photobooth: The Wedding Lounge
Bridal Boutique: Bodice & Bustle
Hair and Makeup: Sarah Henning
Florist: Bohemian Wild & Beautiful Blooms
Groom’s Attire: Jack Bunneys
Cake: Dolly Dew Drops
Band: The Hot Shots
Vintage Coach: Dons of Dunmow
Stationery: Love Me Do Designs
Bagpiper: Ivan Brooks
Caterer: Ellis Catering

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